"All that we are... we owe."

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. 

We are immensely delighted and

honored that you have taken the 

time to visit...

We consider it a profound privilege and 

blessing to have the liberty to reach across

 the globe to sow a potpourri of relevant 

and edifying content we pray will 

nourish the soul and quench the spirit.

Our passion for creating this website 

finds its origins with God, and God is 

at the heart of it all. 

With this website, we hope to provide the 

most uplifting and truthful content, 

motivation, and inspiration. We want to 

make things better.

Our hope is that our website will act as a

 conduit for our visitors to explore, unearth, 

acknowledge, and embrace the truth of love,

light, and positivity that exists within each 

of us.

Our mission is to impart grace, 

encouragement, and edification that will 

positively build and uplift lives internally,

externally, and eternally.

These commentaries were not written in

 an effort, by any means, to place or present 

ourselves as experts or as flawless individuals 

without faults or failures. Having a heart for 

God does not equal human infallibility. Being 

fallible and making mistakes is inherent to being 

human. In other words, we are not immune to 

errors. We know we have much more to learn,

 this is why, with great intentionality... we 

humbly remain teachable spirits and usable 

channels for greater works.

We are committed to giving witness and voice to 

our faith. Faith is the audacity to believe that God 

has bigger and better plans than we could ever ask

 for or imagine. Faith enables us to press on to

 where God is taking us, no matter what the 



We should never underestimate the incredible 

things God can do through ordinary people. 

God has also placed a distinct calling... a unique

 mission on everyone of our lives, and He knew 

what those callings were even before we entered 

our mother's womb. We all have unique purposes 

and distinct callings, but the one parallel in all of 

our callings is they cannot be completed in our

 natural abilities. 

The things God has called us to do will 

always be things that we cannot do on

 our own. We have been given duties that 

we cannot fulfill if we try to perform them 

in our own way... without God's help.

 We will keep falling short of God's call on 

our lives as long as we struggle to do things

 on our own and refuse to yield to God, Who 

resides within us. 

The Good News is... God does not expect 

us to fulfill His calling in our own strength 

or without HimGod desires to work in and 

through us to see that these "impossible" 

tasks are completed. 

God desires to work through each and every

 one of His children in a powerful way. In 

Acts 10:34 it states,

"God is no respecter of persons."

God will act through anyone who makes a

 conscious decision to submit himself or 

herself to Him.  

We believe, God delights in transforming ordinary, 

flawed, and inexperienced individuals, flaws,

pimples and all, into amazing souls.

We pray the following virtual chapters will 

engage both the intellect and the heart, sparking 

the power within us all to stay positive, 

genuine, and constructive while disregarding, 

steamrolling over, and letting go of all doubt 

and fear.

We may be unable to open someone's heart to 

God's Truth, but God can. In fact, 

"God is able to do exceedingly 

abundantly above all that we 

ask or think."

May the wind reawaken any sails in our lives

 which may have lain dormant, giving us the 

strength and courage to stand up, honor and 

respect the work of our Creator, pursue our

 passions, and not be afraid to get back up, 

dust ourselves off, and try again, if we 

fail or fall. 

God has a plan for our lives, and

God always does things with good intentions

and will fulfill His plans for us all

We will do our best to work toward God's 

purposes in getting things right. We will 

continue to step out on faith, even if we feel

 uneasy, humbly knowing that God can move

 us from our failures to achievement.

All of us are born into this world with

 unique gifts to do what God has already 

ordained, written, and brought us into this 

world to do. As we see it, God has the

 power to transform our failures into triumph. 

We believe, God works out everything to 

its proper end. 

Whatever we do, we are to work heartily,

 as for God and not for men.

Colossians, 3-23

We owe everything we are and have to God. 

We believe, when we prioritize God... 

keeping God in the forefront of all of our 

affairs, we can flourish wherever God has

planted us. 

We all go through difficulties... whether 

it is for a brief moment in time or an entire 

season. We believe, our highest good and

 God's greatest blessings frequently emerge

 from the still, unassuming, but necessary

crucible of our own individual challenges

 and hardships.

Many of the seed thoughts and consciously

creative commentaries on our website are

 mainly drawn from our collective knowledge, 

observation, and experiences gained from 

what life has taught us, especially through 

our personal challenges. Although the specific 

challenges wrestled with are not necessarily 

revealed... the lessons acquired from the 

trials are. 

Sometimes, it can be all too easy to doubt

 that we have something to give to others.

Those who criticize us and try to discredit 

us into silence really don't understand our 

focus, commitment, passion, or interests. 

Simply put, they do not understand us... and 

that is perfectly fine. 

However, when all is said and done, if we 

abandon or dismiss sharing the Good News, 

to the best of our ability, we do ourselves and 

this hurting world, in desperate need, a huge 


The Scriptures repeatedly encourage us to

 share God with others. But, often, there 

are a multitude of thoughts which can 

hinder us from doing so. 

We can only hope visitors will feel compelled

to turn to these commentaries for inspiration 

and motivation during difficult times, and 

find comfort and encouragement there.

It is our hope these commentaries will add 

to, confirm values, broaden our understanding, 

edify, deepen our knowledge, as well as help 

others and ourselves move forward and live 

better lives.

We believe that God's grace and existence are not

 for hiding the Good News beneath a bushel basket

 and claiming it secretly, but for proclaiming it from 

the rooftops!

"We cannot help speaking about 

what we have seen and heard." 

Acts 4:20

Our aim is to cultivate, embrace, and pass on

peace and truth with care, love, and grace... 

to the best of our ability... no arm-twisting,

and no statements of...

"You simply have to believe."

It is not our purpose to persuade you to agree

with us; rather, we want to point people back 

to God and their true calling. 

We believe others will desire to 

know the Source of our joy... as we let 

God's Light shine through us.

We pray these humble offerings will be 

acceptable to God and never serve as a

stumbling block or barrier in anyone's life. 

At its core, we believe that a full life consists

 of seeing and serving God in one another. This

means that we should always do no damage and

leave everyone we meet in a better state than they

 were before we arrived. We owe it to each other,

our children, grandchildren, and generations yet

to be born... to leave them not the same, not

worse off, but awakened, attentive, alert, aware,

and in a considerably higher and whole state of


We are trusting God to release these messages,

 truths, and well wishes out into the universe 

and deliver them to their proper destination.

So, regardless of who you are or where you are, 

we invite you to read the pages of this 

website with an open heart and great optimism.

May the following virtual chapters be enlightening,

 inspirational, and abundantly beneficial for us all.

In His Love,

Philippines Romania Norway Denmark Mauritius Thailand Cyprus Slovakia Czech Republic Tunisia Luxembourg Bermuda Belarus Afghanistan Uganda Seychelles Zambia Dominica Montserrat Sweden
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We grow our faith by

 trusting God, the Author and Perfecter of our faith. 

Our future can be undermined by holding on to the past.

We desire to know and  do God’s will. The ultimate test a person faces is whether he has 

done the Will of God.

We understand the courage and grace it 

takes to unpack truths and speak out. 

We lose our sense of self-worth when we don't speak out for ourselves and/or those who cannot speak for themselves. We become caught up in a loop of justifying behavior that leads us further away from our beliefs and, eventually, away from the person we were born to be. 

We are followers of God, Who is Holy, Unchanging and our only True Authority, Constantly-Present, Who is Just, Righteous, Merciful, and Absolute Love.

Our goal is to please God. 

We are intentionally attempting to make all that we do... pleasing to God.