We are immensely delighted and honored

that you have taken the time to visit

We thank God and esteem it a great privilege and blessing

to have the liberty to reach across the globe

to sow a potpourri of edifying messages we pray

will positively impact and uplift

lives around the world.

is endeavoring to positively and creatively sow 

inspirational seeds and serve as a source of Spiritual upliftment.

 May you find great value in the numerous subjects

and short running commentaries.

We pray
 these seed thoughts, illustrations,

and wholesome nuggets 
will, in some way,

reach out and speak to the needs of those who are 

 often overlooked, marginalized, deprived, and forgotten.
We pray these seed thoughts will provide Biblical, applicable, and timely spiritual upliftment to those who are
living under severe hardship, and those who are...
or have been tried
 by persecution,
grief, criticism, and scorn.

We pray the contents of this website will serve

as a fresh incentive for individuals to obtain strength,

victory, a spiritually richer and more fulfilling life,

and mostly...
equip and point others 
back to the Perfect One within us...
Who is majestic, perfectly good, just, righteous, without partiality, and faithful to His promises..

believes within each of us is the Fountain of all good. 

We believe God is within every one of us. 

We believe God is ever-present and

dwells within the innermost heart of man. 

We firmly believe we shall find God 

within ourselves when we turn and seek God...

 within ourselves.

May we seek the Oneness within.

 This website draws heavily upon
God's Word. 
Our views do not speak for or to any specific religion.
We believe Spirituality extends far beyond
all the worldly barriers  and designations
perceived between ourselves and others.
We believe the idea of difference, worldly isms, and class privilege are interlocking systems of oppression. They appear to be natural; however, they are in fact socially constructed and are used to rationalize inequality.

We strongly believe when truth is well wrapped in God's grace...
we are able to effectively witness to every
tribe, nation, and tongue.
Every tribe, nation, and tongue emphasizes
the concept of wholeness, entirety,
or all-encompassing.

Jesus always included people.
He embraced others...
with a radical disregard for their 
race, tribe, creed, color, class, religion, language,
age, culture, disability, political beliefs,
educational background, or socioeconomic differences,
experiences, or realities.
"Jesus ransomed people for God
from every tribe and language and people and nation."
Revelations 5:9

Jesus did not allow social status or cultural barriers
to dictate His relationships with people.
It didn't matter who they were, where they had been, how long they had been in the wilderness. 
Tradition, cultural restrictions,
or the displeased, fighting mad, irate behavior of a few people, on the sidelines, did not discourage Jesus.
Jesus made the most of every opportunity to minister to
souls that were callused, in despair, and 
thirsting for truth. 
Jesus was criticized for His activities,
but what prophet ever lived without criticism???

Jesus' example shows us
that we should not allow worldly barriers, such as  geographical limits to particular countries or communities, or traditions to dictate whom we share the Good News with.
Jesus promised:
The Spirit will empower us to be witnesses
has been bountifully blessed to benefit and glean
from the life experiences of many determined people,
nations, cultures, and generationsOur mentors generously passed-on to us... wonderful pearls of wisdom... a treasure trove of truth, beauty, and pragmatic advice. Their rich experiences and deposits sown... have been invaluable to us.

We have also been compelled to draw
from our reserve of relevant information
accumulated over a lifetime
of up close and personal observations, mistakes, experiences, and consciousness of our existence. 
Just as our ancestors generously passed-on 
pearls of wisdom to us... 
we are freely sharing
some of the vital life lessons, wisdom, and happiness
we have acquired throughout the years.

We, sincerely, believe blessings and life lessons learned

should NOT be placed under a basket, 
but passed on... from one to the other.
It is our prayer the virtual chapters, on this website,
will serve as a positively good Spiritual feast,
that will enlighten minds,
strengthen souls, and call our visitors to
positively good and righteous actions.
This website is based on the idea of freely offering inspiration,
motivation, and edification as a gift
rather than trading or asking for monetary support.

We are not here to judge or condemn others. 
 It is not our purpose to make you agree with us, 
but rather to point you to the One who can do anything, 
created and controls everything.

We believe we draw people to God by walking the talk...
not by discrediting who people are,
what others have done, or believe.
We believe others will desire to know
 the Source of our joy...
as we let God's Light shine through us.

Then Jesus said to them...
tell everyone

This website is an effort to create context
 for the observation of God,
that we might see God more clearly
and call forth His wonder working power
more perfectly within our lives.

We ask that you will read, the contents of this site,
 with an open heart and great optimism
and find these offerings to be
encouraging, useful, and substantial.

We are trusting God to carry these messages 
and well wishes out into the universe...
to their perfect destination.  
So, whoever you are and wherever you are...
the following messages are dedicated especially to you.

 To the Saints who have prayed for us
and patiently endured numerous afflictions 
and whose testimonies of God's faithfulness
encouraged and helped us,
through our barren desert and wilderness experiences,
this website is dedicated.
In His love,


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